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Welcome to Digital Volts

a specialized service line by SAIGEO, providing high-quality airborne laser and orthophoto services worldwide.

Elevate your operations with our specialized range of services at Digital Volts. Harnessing cutting-edge technologies including LIDAR, LASER, orthophoto systems, and more, we provide tailored solutions to deliver invaluable insights. From comprehensive 3D terrain and structure models to asset health assessment, we empower you to optimize your operations through data-driven decision-making.

A specialized service line by SAIGEO, is a testament to the transformative power of technology.

Backed by SAIGEO’s two decades of experience in the industry, Digital Volts offers top-tier airborne laser and orthophoto services on a global scale. Our patented Aerial Profiling System is a marvel of technology, combining advanced laser scanning and high-resolution photography to create detailed 3D models of terrain and structures.

This system, the heart of our service line, provides clients with the most accurate, real-time data on their assets, paving the way for informed decision-making and operational optimization. Across renewable energies, basic sanitation, environmental management, carbon credits, and more, we apply our innovative solutions to meet your unique needs.

Our Services

Digital Volts offers a wide range of services, each designed to provide precise, valuable data for your operations. Our services leverage advanced technology, such as LIDAR and LASER, orthophoto systems, aerophotogrammetry, hyperspectral cameras, RGB cameras, multispectral drone mapping, and 360-degree mobile mapping. From providing detailed 3D models of terrain and structures to helping you understand the health of your assets, we enable you to make data-driven decisions and optimize your operations.

Our range of services includes

Aerial Survey LIDAR/LASER

Employing cutting-edge technology for precise and detailed aerial surveys.


An all-inclusive aerial surveying solution combining laser scanning and high-resolution orthophotos.


Providing high-precision aerial measurements for detailed maps.

Aerial Survey with Hyperspectral Cameras

Using advanced imagery to detect subtle spectral differences for comprehensive analysis.

Drone Mappings with RGB Camera

Offering high-quality drone imagery for a wide range of applications.

Drone Multispectral Mapping

Detailed imagery to analyze various parameters such as crop health and water quality.

Mobile Mapping with 360 Degree Camera

Providing detailed and immersive visual data for diverse applications.

Lidar Mobile Mapping with 360 Degree Camera

Offering a comprehensive visual and spatial data solution.

TLS (Terrestrial Static Laser) with Laser Mapping and Photos

Offering ground-based laser scanning for detailed 3D models.

Singlebeam and Multibeam Bathymetry

Providing precise water depth mapping solutions for various aquatic environments.


At Digital Volts, we leverage SAIGEO's extensive expertise across various industries, tailoring our services to align with your unique needs and requirements. Our sectorial services include:

Renewable Energies

Assisting wind, solar, and hydroelectric projects with advanced technology.

Highways, Railways

Facilitating infrastructure planning and management with our innovative services.

Transmission Lines

Offering optimal mapping and monitoring solutions for transmission lines.

Basic Sanitation

Contributing to sanitation projects with essential mapping services.

Municipal Registry

Providing precise mapping and updating of municipal registry records.


Aiding in detailed mapping for reforestation projects.

Environment and Carbon Credit

Delivering environmental mapping and support in managing carbon credits.

Real Estate Subdivisions

Comprehensive mapping services for real estate subdivisions.


Supporting mining operations with extensive mapping solutions.

Hydrogeological Risk Mapping

Offering detailed mappings of hydrogeological risks.

Regions We Serve

Digital Volts, a dedicated service line by SAIGEO, extends its reach across continents, serving clients in Latin America, North America, Europe, and Africa. No matter where you are, we are committed to delivering our state-of-the-art services and supporting your strategic goals.

Our Services

Digital Volts

Providing high-quality airborne laser and orthophoto services worldwide

Digital Methane

Our emphasis is on delivering end-to-end methane solutions that resonate with Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) principles.

Digital Soils

Leverages modern sensor technology for precision agriculture.